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I Can’t Believe it is Butter!

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I just may be the female reincarnation of Tim Allen.  I love my power tools.  I recently got a new food processor. The first thing I made was hummus which turned out to be hum-horrible. My entire family loves hummus but, we all agreed, that was hum-horrific!

So here I am. In search of fool-proof recipe that requires a food processor.  And I hear that you can make butter with a food processor.  Heck, why not?  And how cool it would be for the kids to see how butter can be made from milk.  With everything ready made from cloths in malls to food in grocery stores, kids don’t have an opportunity to see our connection to the land first hand like our ancestors did. Butter would be just the thing to pass on that connect, right?

So here is how it is done,

  • Fit your processor with a plastic blade
  • Put in 1-2 cups heavy whipping cream (“vat pasteurized cream” tastes better than UHT or HTST pasteurized so I read)
  • Blend


Seriously, it is just that easy.  For a fabulous description of the stages the butter will go through, notes on variations, and even history, check out Butter through the Ages.

The truth about our adventure in butter making. I was much more amazed by the process than my kids. And  since I still bought the cream from the grocery store, I don’t think they learned anything about our remarkable connection to Mother Earth. (Seriously, what was I thinking?)

I wasn’t able to find anything other than ultra heat treated milk at our local HEB but, it tasted just fine.  While I don’t envision myself calling the ‘state Department of Agriculture’ anytime soon to find vat pasteurized cream, as suggested in the Butter through the Ages website, I will checkout the local health food store next time I am there.

I did clean and work the butter as well.  That is simply to add cold water, blend and discard the water until it runs clear.  This helps the butter stay fresh longer.  I did not culture the cream as it sounded a little risky for my first time out (still reeling from the hummus fiasco).

We ate buttered noodles for dinner.  Much to my surprise, the kids were extremely pleased and even cheered for what sounded to me like the laziest meal for the cell block that week.  But hey, I had fun making it and the kids loved dinner.  It was a win-win kinda night!

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